sabato 2 novembre 2013

Cake adventures. How to do a successful birthday cake in two hours

No travel tips for you today, I'm sorry.
Today is cake time!
This is the reportage of the adventurous preparation of a special birthday cake.
It was wednesday and it was quite late, I was ready for my bed when the S.O.S. arrived.
A special birthday cake for my best could I say no?
I dreamed about cakes all the night.
7.45 am. message to mom: "Mom I need a chocolate sponge cake for....ehm...tomorrow...and the cake is for...tomorrow!... can you help me?"
Thanks god mom works in a bakery!!!!!
Problem 1: SOLVED!
I thought about cakes all the morning in the office. How can I put a moon and "yeah buddy" on the cake?????? And how to fill the cake?????Cream and strawberry, and a lot of chocolate! Damn, it would stay out of the fridge for some hours!!!
4 pm. time available to search ingredients at the supermarket: 30 minutes.
I bought every kind of decoration available! Edible sugar sheets, food colouring, cream, fixing cream, chocolate, edible colouring pens, icing and topping.
Problem 2: SOLVED. Please don't ask the price!
Time available to go home, have a shower, eat something, go to work again: 1, 30 hours
I thought about the cake all the time in the evening.
Put on a sheet of paper some ideas and try to create a stencil, hoping the sponge cake is big enough!
It's Halloween night and your best friend is waiting for you to go to town and have some fun.
Of course, she must not know about HER cake!!!
So we went to the town centre...and we came home so late that I heard the morning birds singing.
Time available to sleep: 4 hours.
10 am. Get up, do the homeworks, feed the cat, take the car and go to mom's house to set up the cake.
12 am. Arrived at mom's house.
Before starting the cake I have to help mom to do some other works.
Meanwhile time is running.
I still have to do the birthday card and pack the gift!!
3 pm. Finally we start!!!!
5pm. The cake is ready.
6.30 pm: Run home again, feed the cat, have a shower, dress and make up.
The meeting for the dinner is at 8.30.
8.25 pm. Meet mom again and bring away the cake.
My gratefullness to this extraordinary woman won't ever be enough.
I reach the girls and we go to the restaurant. 
The cake is next to me on the passenger's seat.I suffer every bend, traffic light, speed bump, braking, and, above all, I'm afraid of the heating in the car.
Moreover, will she like the cake?
No more time to change, it's 10 pm and we are 200 mt away from the restaurant and my sufferings are over. The waiter store my artwork in the fridge and we can start to party.

Mission accomplished!