lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

Where to eat in Imola

Last Saturday I finally ventured to explore the tasty locations of Imola, starting the project " tourist reporter in my places ."
We all aspire to exotic destinations and often see the our area just as a working place .
My mission is to bring tourists and locals to discover the flavors, the places and the events in the area where I live and work.

And so, in a grey and humid day in late October, I caught my best travel companion ( Rosa , my mom )  to have lunch at Osteria del Vicolo Nuovo, also trying to distract her from the unhappy events of last months.
The restaurant, run by Ambra and Rosa (like me and mom - when you say it's a coincidence!), is located in a quiet alley in the center of Imola, easy to reach if you come from the Via Appia .

You can recognize it by the imposing ivy mantle that covered the wall of the alley , recalling a magical door of fairy tales.

When you get in the atmosphere is friendly and there are eyecatching decorations on the walls.
We take seats in the basement,  a typical old cellar with brick vaults, once used to store wine and food .

The restaurant has the Chiocciola Slow Food Osterie 2014 recognition .
On the menu we find a list of the local producers that supply the Vicolo Nuovo with wine, baking products, cheese.
The à la carte menu and the menu of the day are daily written according to the morning purchase.

The choice goes for Gnocchetti di zucca (pumpkin dumplings) with Romagna shallot and Provola, and gratin rolls with spinach and Burrata (buffalo cheese) , then Guancialino di vitello (veal cheek lard) with potato pie .
We choose a local Chardonnay from the producer Tremonti.

Of course we leave some space for desserts : strawberry mousse with berries and, Torta sabbiosa (a cake made with cornmeal) with mascarpone .
Every sense is satisfied by the dishes. The flavors and quantities are expertly balanced , allowing you to get to the end of the meal satiated and satisfied , without the heaviness that often characterises the leaving from a restaurant.

Meanwhile, in the tables next to us, the Tremonti owner, David, is introducing his wines to a group of German tourists.

The bill is average 25-30 € per person, and it is very good price if you think at the quality of products.

I recommend it to couples, families, but also groups (better reserve the table, in this case) and surely I'll go there again.

Then, we have a walk in the center, towards Porta Montanara and its  market of typical products from all over Italy .
Despite a full stomach we cannot resist the good things, so we decide to bring home the flavors from some part of the "Stivale": Altamura bread, orecchiette pasta , olives, orange marmalade , Sardinian cheese , bread and apfelstrudel from Trentino Alto Adige .
A peaceful alternative to hectic working days .